by Alexandre Leclerc

Take the time to watch the video above. Thirty-two metronomes are set to the same beat-per-minute rhythm and started at random so that none of them click at the same time. They all sit on the same mobile platform. After a couple of minutes, all 32 metronomes click at the same time.
They synchronized.
Could it be an analogy to the creation of life? Molecules swim in a common medium and, given enough time, synchronize. And order comes out of chaos.
It could also be an analogy to the singularity that caused the big bang. Space-time is the mobile platform, energy and dark energy the metronomes. In time, it all synchronized into a singularity. A synchronicity. And kaboom. Universe, stars, supernova, star dust, planets, water, life. Roughly in that order.
It’s a self-organizing universe, organizing towards complexity. But in the end, entropy will win.
Because, given enough time, the metronomes stop.