Don’t text and kick balls

by Alexandre Leclerc

– Hey Beautiful!

– Hey Love!

– How was your day?
. . .

– Sorry, just got home. Still in my bags.

– You stayed in class that late?

– No. Intramural kickball game.

– They have that in Oslo, too?

– Well, let’s just say I coaxed my fellow international students to challenge the computer science nerds.

– So I’m a nerd?

– Not you, silly. You’re special.

– What’s that supposed to mean?

– That I love you, knucklehead. You’re no nerd.

– Right.

– You’re my geek.

– That’s so much better.

– I mean it in the nicest of ways. Why so serious?

– Nothing.

– Don’t give me that. Read what you wrote. You come off as touchy.

– There’s nothing. Crappy morning at work is all.

– Come on, spill it out.

– Did you win?

– What?

– The game. Did the internationals kick Norway’s butt?

– Oh. No, we got our butts served to us. Nerds can kick, apparently.

– How is that a surprise? I was the star kicker on our team.

– Sure. But like I said: you’re special. An exception. You still haven’t answered my question.

– So is it a league like we have at Concordia University?

– Not yet.

– I miss being team captain.

– Hey, you’ll be my captain again this coming September.

– That’s still two full months away. I miss you.

– Aw, I miss you too. Now stop dodging my question.

– Why didn’t you pick up last night?

– You called? Is that what it’s about?

– No. I just felt like spending my calling card minutes to listen to your roomie’s answering machine. In Dutch.

– Don’t be a smartass.

– Where were you?

– Out with friends.

– Why didn’t you text me?

– I didn’t think about it.

– What, I’m not important enough to you?

– You’re kidding, right?

– That’s like the third time you missed my call in two weeks.

– So?

– What?

– You know, I have a life, here. Look, I love you, but you’re not my everything.

– You love me, BUT? It’s that Greek guy, isn’t it?

– Oh come on. Don’t even go there.

– Can’t you delete that stupid picture from Facebook?

– What, I’m not allowed to have fun with friends?

– You’re cheek to cheek with him. All flushed and smiles.

– I TOLD you. We were at a club dancing among FRIENDS.

– Whatever.

– You know what? Screw this. When I’m back in Montreal, the only balls I’ll kick will be yours.